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Skye Weather offers a wide range of marine meteorological services including;
  • Climatological information
  • Long Range forecasting
  • Race Forecasting
  • Event Forecasting
  • Passage Planning
  • Sailng Club talks & after dinner speaches

Need help with the weather section of your RYA exams?
Why not organise an afternoon on the water practical session or winter class room semiars with an Olympic & America's Cup experienced meteorologist?

Expert one on one sessions or small group session tailored to the individuals needs

Practical weather skills are essential to winning races!

Simple Sailing Forecast;

Observations & summary forecast

Links to everything;

View Windguru venue locations & forecasts in Google Earth;

Synoptic Charts
USAFE Synoptic Charts
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Contessa 32 Association

Affordable Weather Stations - Wireless Weather Stations - Home Weather Stations and Digital Thermometers

Stay ahead of the weather with affordable weather measuring instruments including wireless weather stations, home weather stations, professional weather station, digital thermometers and more.

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